Rock Retaining Wall Construction Contractor

Rockwall creations is a business focusing on structural earth and stone work. Mainly for private, residential and rural properties. If you are looking for high grade bushrocks and reliable and neat construction contractor then I could be the correct choice for your upcoming project.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable supplier of high-grade stone, equipment and workmanship then come to us.

Use the Best Bushrocks

Having worked for more than two decades in the construction industry, I know what quality is, when it comes to bushrocks. I only use the best quality stone that in return always gives me a happy and satisfied customer. You can also purchase bushrock from me in different sizes, ranging from 100mm, 300mm-400mm, 400mm-900mm in diameter, and even larger feature rocks if required.

Our stones and boulders supplies are formed from the lava flows of the Mount Warning volcano and surrounding area available in various shapes and sizes that are perfect for constructing retaining walls. If you are looking for an elegant landscaping solution of simply require rocks for landscaping or other purposes then we are the best you can find! We have the resources and expertise to produce quality outcomes maintaining meticulousness and operating to a tight budget yet giving the best service and end result.

Abundant Experience and Expertise

Operating for more than 20 years between Ballina and Brisbane, has given me plenty of experience and expertise to help you design and give good advice and ideas on how your project could look like. For Example, where to create terraces and retaining walls.