Sand and Soil

I can also supply builders with sand and topsoil to your job site.

Concrete Blocks

I use concrete blocks 600x600x1200 mm in size mainly. They are made from left over concrete so in a sense recycled. A very strong cost effective way to build retaining walls. I can also use interlocking concrete blocks poured from fresh concrete.


We are widely recognized as the suppliers, exporters, of Gravel in Brisbane. Get the best quality Gravel in reasonable price. Supply a range of decorative gravel that are white, purple, yellow or tan brown in colour.

Sizes are 10mm, 20mm,40mm

Also have roadbase gravel for drive ways and raw materials for sale.


I can supply a large range of sandstone that includes rough sawn steps and blocks for your project. Also smooth sawn steps and blocks can be ordered.

I can also supply sandstone boulders for rock walls.

Basalt Column Rocks

Basalt Column Rocks

These columns are from northern NSW and have been formed millions of years ago, due to rapid cooling of lava flows. I sell them per linial meter per stone, delivery can also be arranged.

Basalt Bushrocks & Feature Stone

Basalt Bushrocks

These rocks are sourced from Northern NSW and are very hard and durable rock to work with.They are either Quarried or pulled out of the ground in boulder form and are of a blue volcanic material inside, can sometimes have an earthy crust on them when in a boulder form or even a black colour with moss when found on top of the ground. I can supply in 10 or 22 ton loads or you can pick up from my yard with your trailer.