Rock Retaining Wall Contractor

At Rockwall Creations, we provide affordable and highly effective structural landscaping services that enhance the curb appeal of your home or commercial establishment.

No matter the size of the structural landscaping project, we give special attention to every minute detail in order to complete the work on time and within your budget. Our structural landscaping service includes everything – from designing, building and repairing your retaining wall, deck, pergola, gazebo, garden, pathway, pond and more.

We not only design and build stylish, durable and maintenance-free landscapes to increase the curb appeal of your outdoor spaces but also provide you with highly effective repairs if required.

Our highly experienced and fully trained structural landscaping team is accredited and fully licensed. With 25 years of industry experience, we provide a wide plethora of landscaping products and materials – from sandstone retaining wall blocks, concrete blocks, basalt rocks, and sandstone rocks to stock pavers, concrete sleepers, and general landscaping supplies.

We can work closely with you to plan the entire process to create the outdoor space that you have always dreamt of. Our highly experienced team of structural landscapers use the right tools, latest equipment, best products, and high safety standards to deliver the best possible results.

1. Removal of old sleepers and log walls.
2. Rebuilding of timber, sleeper walls and stones.
3. Water erosion repairs.
4. Creek line repairs, landslide repair works

This process is as simple as making contact with me and have me come over and give an obligation free quote. If you decide to go ahead, a deposit would be required so we can start work on the job site as soon as possible.
Rockwalls are built to engineer specification and can be certified if required. Local council approval is your responsibility, but I may include it in the contract price on your request.
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Rock Retaining Wall Contractor